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Patient Stories: Living Donor Kidney Transplant

  • Chris Schroeder

    When Chris Schroeder's Kidneys Failed, His Family Stepped Forward

    Chris Schroeder has been extraordinarily unlucky — and extraordinarily lucky. The 58-year-old Walnut Creek, Calif., resident grew up in a family where the specter of polycystic kidney disease, a disorder in which cysts form on the kidneys and eventually stop them from functioning, loomed large. His mother had a kidney transplant in her late 60s, and her father died of hereditary disease at the age of 56. So, from a young age, Schroeder was on the lookout for signs that he too would face similar challenges. Chris Schroeder with his wife and son By the time he was in his early 40s, his[...]
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  • Frank Jimenez

    Daughter Donates Kidney to Father

    Frank Jimenez was 73 years old when he learned his kidneys were failing, but he wasn't exactly used to feeling sick and tired. For decades he'd worked 10 to 12 hour days, running his theater supplies business. He was a lifelong athlete who built his own house in the countryside outside of Sonoma, Calif. His doctor had no idea what had caused his kidney failure, and he hadn't faced anything like it before. "I'd never been sick in my life," he says. "It was a shock." Frank worked hard to stay healthy and keep his kidneys going with a good diet,[...]
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