Transplant Surgery
Compassionate, Multidisciplinary Care and Innovative Research

Transplant LogoWith advances in surgical technique and improved drugs to prevent infection and rejection, organ transplantation is now recognized as the most effective treatment for many diseases. UCSF is a leader in both adult and pediatric transplants for liver, kidney, pancreas and small bowel, attracting patients nationally and  internationally. Children who previously had little hope of survival in the event of organ failure, now thrive as healthy adults with transplanted organs. Each tranplant candidate is carefully evaluated by a multidisciplinary team that includes transplant surgeons, gastroenterologists, nephrologists, hepatologists, infectious disease specialists, and social workers. Patients receive state-of-the-art care for highly complex procedures with intensive long-term followup.

Patient Stories

Amy Baghdadi, The Gift of a Lifetime

A Life-Changing Offer From a Family Friend

With two children to raise and time ticking down, Amy Baghdadi was fast running out of options. But at her daughter's soccer practice, a fellow parent, who happened to be UCSF transplant surgeon, Andrew Posselt, M.D., Ph.D., heard Amy's story.Convinced there were other options, he referred Amy to the UCSF Liver Transplant Center. Ultimately, a life-changing gift from a family friend, Olivia Lemen, enabled Amy to receive a living-donor liver transplant performed by a team of UCSF transplant surgeons,  Nancy Ascher, M.D., Ph.D. and  John Roberts, M.D. 

After Islet Cell Transplant, Glucose Control is Amazing

Alison _wesleyAlison Wesley received her diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes when she was just 11 years old, after she developed the classic symptoms of the disease - severe weight loss, excessive thirst, sugar cravings, frequent urination, and feeling lethargic. Doctors put her on the first generation of insulin pumps, which she continued with unitl  her early 30s until they could no longer control her glucose. Wesley eventually enrolled in a clinical trial at UCSF's Islet and Cellular Transplantation Facility, undergoing successive islet cell transplants performed by UCSF transplant surgeon Andrew M. Posselt, M.D., Ph.D.  She now now describes her glucose control as "amazing".

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